Straight Talk Promo Codes and Coupons – Save Money on Cell Phones!

Straight Talk is a prepaid phone system that is available only through Walmart. The plan has become popular partly because it requires no contracts and there are never any overage or roaming charges. It also requires no credit checks.

Straight-Talk-logoAs two of the biggest names in the wireless industry merged powers, a great innovation was created to make communication more affordable for everyone. The good thing about this service is that people do not have to buy a Walmart phone just to use Straight Talk SIM cards. These can be popped into any T-Mobile-compatible, AT&T-compatible or other, unlocked GSM phone. Moreover, they provide micro-SIM cards that can be used with the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S at a very affordable cost of $14.99.


The Straight Talk Unlimited Plan offers unlimited talk, texts and data for a set fee of $45 per month. Calls to 411 are free all the time.

For $30 a month, you can purchase the “All You Need Plan”. This includes up to 1000 minutes of talk time, 1000 texts or multimedia messages, and 30MB of data. It also includes 411 calls for no additional charge.

Unlimited Fun

What makes Straight Talk phones’ SIM cards more awesome is that they come with a cheap plan. For as low as $45 a month, customers can get unlimited calls, unlimited data and unlimited texts without the need for credit checks and contracts. Therefore, people can use their AT&T iPhone 4 even without the contract. In addition, clients can still use their T-Mobile or AT&T network with 3G or 4G data speeds.

To activate the SIM, users will need to invest in a plan card, which costs $45 a month. Although this plan is not completely unlimited (that means excessive phone users cannot chit-chat over the phone 24/7), the 2GB soft limit for every month is not bad for casual users.

Wireless Home Phone Plan

Straight Talk also offers no-contract plans for home phones. The plans require purchase of a wireless device. You can choose between a $15-per-month Nationwide Plan and a $30-per-month International Plan.

The Nationwide Plan offers unlimited local and long distance calls as well as voicemail and caller ID. Calls to 411 and E911 are included at no additional charge. The International Plan includes unlimited local and long distance calls and also international calls. An additional 400 minutes of calls to Mexico are included with the plan. The wireless device works with both corded and cordless phones. Landlines and high-speed Internet are not required.

How to Use the Straight Talk Coupon Code

Aside from having no hassle from bills, contracts, and credit checks, their GSM service can be used on the best networks nationwide. This can also be used with smartphones, and works with IM, SMS, social networks, web and email. Users do not have to change their number either.

The $45 per month unlimited plan is already a big thing. However, clients have other options. For as low as $60 a month, people can enjoy an unlimited international plan. This comes with unlimited data, messages, and calls to more than 1,000 destinations abroad like Canada, China, India and Mexico (landline. Moreover, for those who want to get the prepaid plan at a cheaper price, they can buy it at $126 and enjoy the unlimited services for three months. That means they can save up to $3 for each month.

Phones Available

Android smartphones

If you, have an unlocked GSM phone and it is compatible with their system, then you can use it with their calling plans. Check their website to see if your phone is compatible with their frequencies.

How to Get Started

For those who want to get this unlimited prepaid plan, they can just visit the Straight Talk promo code website. They will first need to buy a SIM card for $14.99. To activate the SIM, customers will pay $45 for the unlimited plan card (included in the first month service). They will then have to activate the SIM by calling in to get a new number, or if they their old phone company data ready, they can just port their old number. Afterwards, they can install the SIM into their phone and wait for the activation process finish within one or two hours.


You start by selecting whichever phone you prefer or using your own compatible phone. You then decide whether you prefer to keep your current phone number or get a new number. Then choose your preferred plan and sign up by calling them or signing up online.


You must refill your plan by the end of your service date or it will be shut off. Payment can be made online, over the phone or at any Walmart store. You can also sign up for Auto-Refill so you never need to worry about refilling your account by the service end date.

Service plans can be purchased for one month, three months, six months or one year. There are no rollovers on Straight Talk discount plans. You can also purchase multiple service cards at one time and add them consecutively.


Straight Talk is available across the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. Despite offering unlimited international plans, the phones are not functional outside the U.S. Their phones and calling plans are inexpensive and convenient. It requires no credit checks and no commitment. When you include those perks with the ability to keep your current phone number and have your choice of some of the top phones on the market, it’s easy to understand how it became so popular.

Customers who make a lot of international calls can purchase the $60 Unlimited International Plan. It allows unlimited calls, messages and data to over 1,000 locations around the world. There are also 400 additional minutes allowed for calls to cellular phones in Mexico. Unlimited international texting is available on only two of the phone models at the current time.